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Erectile dysfunction (ED), cannot find a rundown of all the effects that could be causing it in one place. It can put together an enough comprehensive list of the most common erectile dysfunction causes.

But first, let us launch with the basics understanding how to get an erection in the first place.

How does erection work? It’s a chain response

  • When the erection occurs fluently, this is what is going on
  • The brain senses that intercourse might be on the cards.
  • It increases the heart rate and blood inflow to the penile region.

Dispatches travel down the nerves to tell the muscle at the bottom of the penile to strain and this holds the blood in. An individual gets an erection. This may have formerly guessed that anything that gets in the way of the way can spark ED.

Psychological factors

Psychological factors cannot begin until the brain sends those all important first signals. When erection problems start in the head, it is called psychological ED.

Common causes of ED include

  • performance anxiety
  • depression and anxiety
  • general stress
  • body issues and precariousness
  • lack of desire
  • an unhealthy relationship
  • relationship problems
  • loss of sensual drive/ libido
  • lack or loss of confidence
  • eating disorder
  • sleep diseases : Psychological causes of ED are veritably common. Conditions that affect blood inflow and rotation to the penile region and the blood inflow can be impacted by vascular conditions (bones that affect the blood vessels).

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