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The creation of employment and addition to the country’s GDP are the main reasons that small and medium businesses have become the focus of the government. This is seen in various policies adopted by the government. Over the past few years, several government business loans for SMEs have been introduced to offer quick and flexible funds as the key factor for SMEs to expand is capital. 

In India, SMEs are growing at an unprecedented rate and government business loan are playing a vital role in empowering them. Let’s look at the various benefits of government business loans.

What is an SME Business Loan?

SME business loans are those that are sanctioned by a lender to fund small and medium enterprises. This type of loan is offered for several reasons including expansion of business, employment opportunities, and monthly financial needs amongst others. 

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises introduced a list of government loan scheme for SMEs after witnessing their rapid growth and potential in India. There are different schemes introduced by the ministry to make business loans accessible for SMEs at a much lower interest rate and flexible payment methods. 

Understanding the Benefits of Government Business Loans for SMEs

Government business loans empower SMEs in multiple ways by offering multiple benefits such as:

  • Quick and easy disbursements

SME business loans are planned to cater to the present digital world. There are online options offering features such as quick application and assessment of documents. Quick disbursement options with lenders offering a 72-hour guarantee are a golden ticket for SMEs. Under a plan introduced in 2018, loans up to ?1 crore are sanctioned within 59 minutes once approved. 

  • Flexible repayments

The sole purpose of introducing business loans for small business was to provide funds by understanding the complexities of small and medium enterprises. Reasons why lenders are providing flexible repayment options such as EMI, bullet payments or bi-monthly payments amongst others. 

  • Affordable interest rates and low charges

SMEs used to suffer financial burdens under regular business loans because of higher interest rates and loan charges. SME business loans offer competitive and lower interest rates. Additionally, under government-aided loans, various factors such as business needs, financial conditions and potential are taken into consideration before fixing interest rates. Even the process fees are minimal and mostly one-time. 

  • Simple eligibility requirements

The eligibility criteria for SME loans are kept minimal for a smooth process. An enterprise dealing with manufacturing, selling or other services can apply for the loan. There are multiple options available in a small business loan with special features if the enterprise is owned by a woman or at least 51% of shares of the enterprise are under a woman’s control.  

  • Tax benefits

Another factor that plays to the benefit of SMEs is the tax benefits they enjoy. Depending on the kind of loan you take, some tax exemptions under the Income Tax Act might be available. 

  • Better infrastructure and technology

To establish a name in today’s competitive world SMES need to push their infrastructure and technology for the better. Quick loan disbursements allow an easy road towards digital inclusion and infrastructural development that brings enhanced productivity. 

  • Grabbing expansion opportunities

To establish a name and take advantage of the market demand, expanding the business is vital. Government business loans for SMEs provide businesses the opportunity to expand branches, build a better network connection, widespread marketing and create a playing field for investors in the future. 

  • Business stability

SMEs face multiple turmoils to meet their financial needs. These business loans offer stability through regular and stable cash flow. Additionally, this helps in better business management strategies to pave the way for growth. 

Bottom Line 

Government business loans for SMEs provide funds that help small and medium businesses to grow with a multifaceted approach. With a strong capital base, businesses can unleash their potential to its full extent. The growth of SMEs is the financial backbone for a country like India and therefore the government has introduced small business loans to offer quick, reliable and affordable SME business loans.