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Successful Soft-Story Building Retrofit Model

Do you live in a seismic area and want to have an earthquake-resistant building?

Here we tell you how can successful soft-story building retrofit model by using steps & how to apply the retrofit solutions to your building. The following are a series of recommendations and paying attention to details.

If you live in a city like Los Angeles where the earth shakes frequently, having a solid foundation of the building is a must. Therefore, to protect your heritage, you should put into practice a series of recommendations to know if construction is safe in the event of an earthquake.

It’s important to understand that each earthquake retrofit project is unique to each building. Depending on when the building was constructed, the materials that were used, and the architecture of the structure, your soft story retrofit project may be more involved than another.

Basic of Soft Story Buildings

Soft-story buildings (SSBs) are different from traditional brick buildings. The traditional brick building had all its mass concentrated in the brick walls of the building. This structure did not need much structural support, as the roof and foundations were a combination of brick and wood, and the structural system used could be considered rigid.

Seismic Retrofitting For Soft-Story Buildings

When constructing a soft-story building, the building structure must be designed with sufficient earthquake resistance in mind at the time of design. This requires that the designer build a strong base system and ensure that the seismic resistance of subsequent compositional layers is such that the structure will likely survive a moderate natural earthquake of R7 on the Richter scale.

In Los Angeles, there are three types of soil that influence the seismic zones of each state: soft, transitional, and firm soil. The intensity and movement of the earthquake are different in each of them, according to the Natural Disasters and Severe Weather. Thus, due to its characteristics, the soft ground will perceive a greater movement and the buildings will sway strongly due to the amplification of the seismic waves, the transition ground is 20 meters deep or less, usually, it is constituted by sandy strata and sandy silt with layers of lake clay, and because of this, the movement can be more or less intense.

Soft-Story Building Retrofit

The procedure is a three-step method that involves first decompressing the liquefactive concrete (LCC) by freezing the groundwater in pits or depressions around the concrete mass, next allowing the water to release itself under pressure by thawing, and then finally removing the frozen ground waters without causing damage to the structure.



The process of taking this approach may be described in terms of three elements:

  • an LCC formulation,
  • a design approach to reduce the compressive strength of the mass, and
  • a liquefaction procedure.

To make a soft-story building retrofit in LA, you must request an official review by the LUX Construction Group Inc for Work.

The agency will give you an opinion that will serve as a guarantee to validate that the building is resistant to earthquakes.

Objectively Review The Construction

The constructions are composed of structural and non-structural elements that, according to their location, achieve a balance in the property.

Therefore, when visiting a building you should review the construction and its elements carefully, especially the columns, foundations, beams, walls, etc. These elements are key to making a building resistant to earthquakes since they are designed to support the full weight of said construction.

While the non-structural elements are the cornices, lattice walls, and partition walls or table rock, which are not made to resist loads but to give aesthetics to the building. Despite this, it is important that you also review them.

If there is any sinking, fracture, or inclination, it will be a sign of structural damage to the property’s facilities.

Plans with LUX Construction Group Inc Professional

To make a successful soft-story building retrofit model it is essential to be accompanied by a professional who will review the property plans. You can hire a specialist like an efficient construction company that specifically deals in soft -story retrofitting.

Our expert team will review the architectural plan, the structure plan, the construction materials, the electrical installation plan, and the sanitary installation plan.

The evolution of regulations, concerning the taking into account of the earthquake in Los Angeles.

The LuxDev professional specializing in earthquake engineering will be able to know how to perform the following missions:

  1. Understand the dynamics of structures.
  2. Master the construction of structures at the soil-structure interface.
  3. To master the construction of structures in the fluid-structure interface.

Examine Every Crack And Fissure In The Walls

Finally, it is very important to review each crack and fissure in walls, beams, and columns to determine if the property is at risk of collapse.

Diagonal fractures usually indicate serious signs of structural damage to buildings. Cracks smaller than one centimeter, on the other hand, are not a red flag but should be repaired before signing a purchase-sale contract.

We recommend hitting the walls, columns, beams, and structural elements of the building with your knuckles to confirm whether they are hollow or not. Also, make sure that the ground does not vibrate.

How To Make Anti-Seismic Reinforcement?

When it comes to withstanding an earthquake, it is not the same to live in a small building or in a large building.

Each construction has its period that depends on its height and its mass. In this way, a large building will have a large period, but if that same mass is lower, the period is better. Lux Construction group is capable to build a structure that keeps resistant during seismic activity. But it also reduces the chances of reconstruction. The Anti-seismic structure absorbs the vibration that occurs at the time of a quake.

When there is an earthquake, the ground moves horizontally and generates lateral forces that depend on the mass and the height.

If the period is extensive, the earthquake will affect the skyscrapers, but if the period is minimal it affects the smallest building.

Large buildings in Los Angeles can be protected from the consequences of a large period earthquake using shock absorbers. If you thinking about an anti-seismic house or earthquake retrofitting Los Angeles, Lux construction is redesigning and remodeling experts in California.

6 Steps For A Successful Soft Story Retrofitting Process in LA

Step 1 – LuxDev usually performs construction and covers all trenches safely. So that tenants can live as usual.

Step 2 – LuxDev will complete all the process to obtain the permit and post notices to all tenants. We are required to give 21 days’ notice before we can start.

Step 3 – LuxDev provides a copy of the approved plans and a guaranteed fixed price for the construction. At this point, the customer can purchase deals using those approved plans.

Step 4 – LuxDev studies the property, prepares the constructed plans, performs engineering calculations, completes a design that meets the needs of your particular building, and is both an efficient and effective design constructible. The plans are submitted to the building department and go through the plan verification process.

Step 5 – LuxDev provides a detailed report of seismic engineering proposals that will give you an idea of high and low construction cost estimates.

Step 6 – LuxDev provides diversified sets of building planning and soft story construction services. Therefore, it is essential to seek professional consultation on upgrading Soft Story now.

Soft-story building retrofit model or retrofitting is important for existing buildings to improve sustainability. It is essential to follow these recommendations since it is a decision that can ensure your wealth and the well-being of your family in a risk area.

For more info contact LUX Construction Group Inc that offers a diversified set of construction services in LA.

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