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Johannesburg, South Africa/ June 5, 2020 - Formulated IT Group reports an incline of ICT Service demand in recent weeks. Formulated IT Group is a leading ICT Company headquartered in Johannesburg that provides a complete spectrum of specialized ICT solution services to assist businesses fulfill their full growth potential. Their sophisticated ICT solutions are powered by innovation to help clients drive business growth & productivity.

Formulated IT Group encompasses various ICT services, such as Print Solutions, PABX Systems, IT Solutions, as well as CCTV Surveillance Cameras& Access Systems. They have been supporting companies to magnify productivity, enhance efficiency and remain cost-effective by assisting clients with their ICT & Business needs, and Coronavirus does not seem to have altered that. On the contrary, many of their ITC solutions have witnessed a rise in demand in recent weeks, as companies adapt to creative ways of doing business and getting work done. Formulated IT Group has been available to their clients throughout the entire Coronavirus crisis, and that seems to be paying off.

“There is a definite trend to harnessing the expertise of independent partners in planning and implementing office technology solutions,” said Anthony Kinnear, founder and managing director of Formulated IT Group. This trend had been on the rise pre-Coronavirus and seems to continue rising post-Coronavirus as well.

Unlike other industries, ICT service providers are much more likely to carry on their business ventures remotely due to their distinguished level of digitalization. In addition, the recent Coronavirus crisis has pushed the need for quality ICT service providers, since many businesses are enhancing their investments in various IT security procedures and remote access. This enables access for employees who currently need to work from home.

About Formulated IT Group

Formulated IT Group is a leading, diversified, business- oriented ICT company, which offers an innovative approach while providing integrative technology solutions. By collaborating with some of the major brands worldwide, Formulated IT Group offers professional, unique, tailor-made ICT services to guarantee the soundest solutions followed by the best implementation. Formulated IT Group offers print solutions, which include Oki, Xerox, Canon, HP & Epson. The telephony comprises Grandstream and Samsung. The IT encompasses all major global brands and the security field offers the excellence of Hikvision and Uniview.