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Toms River, New Jersey- February 7, 2020- Plumbing installations and repairs have remained quite the same over the years. However, what has changed significantly over the years are the materials used. With the newer equipment and products available to plumbers, they can give property owners longer-lasting repairs, at a fraction of the cost, due to material availability.


Plumbing pipes used decades ago were primarily made of cast iron or galvanized steel. While this might sound durable enough, these metals came with numerous issues. Cast iron was notorious for developing pinhole leaks from rusting. Galvanized steel, while slightly more durable than cast iron, also was prone to rust.


Modern plumbing no longer uses these materials as primary options for plumbing pipes. Instead, things like PVC and copper are the materials of choice. The changes ushered in thanks to codes being revised and becoming more relaxed. After the explosion of the plastics industry in the 1960s, more and more accessories of the plumbing field were constructed with the less expensive plastic versus metals.


Copper piping has come along way too. Decades ago, copper would need to be molded, shaped to go where it needed. With the availability of fittings galore, there is almost no need for the outdated methods for piping.


MyGuy Plumbing has said, “Leaks are by far the most common call plumbers receive. These can be caused by corroded pipes, loose connecting joints, a bad seal, or busted pipe.” about calls received by customers.  In the past, these could have been huge issues that took hours to repair, but with the use of modern-day advancements, they are easier to fix, and the repairs last longer too.


Seals and gaskets can be made of plastic and rubber, which create a better seal around joints. Even in the fixture industry, like with faucets for the kitchen and bath, are built with better technology that prevents the age-old problematic leaks.


The problem here is that with the availability of plumbing accessories that anyone can pick up at the hardware store, they may be tempted to do DIY projects. Manufacturers have made fixtures easy to install and repair, making it less likely for a homeowner to contact a plumber, as they can do it themselves. However, it’s essential to know the difference between a job that is beyond their skill set. Before starting any plumbing repair, if choosing to DIY, always research the best methods and products. When in doubt, contact a professional plumber.


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