Oakbrook Terrace, IL: January 31, 2020:

Delivering the personal touch is the mainstay of the Goldstone Financial Group when it comes down to delivering the best in financial planning.


Mr Anthony Pellegrino, the principal of Goldstone Financial Group, has delivered a key article through the trusted online personal financial advice portal Kiplingers on the need to stay financially astute.


In the article - - he advises that while investors have enjoyed an almost 11-year stretch of relative calm in their portfolios, bull markets don’t last forever, and gains can be lost in just one day.


He advises that to avoid the bumps in the financial journey, investors, particularly those of older age, to consider annuities. They make it possible to reap the upside of the market, avoid the downside and prepare for retirement.


"It may seem too good to be true, but annuities make it possible to reap the upside of the market, avoid the downside and prepare for retirement," he commented.


While caution is advised,  annuities that are structured in the right way can be a powerful tool when paired with the right people.


Mr Pellegrino, and the dedicated team at Goldstone Financial Group, are geared up to help people with their retirement and financial planning.


"Rather than approach your finances with an outdated, transactional approach focused on particular products, we serve as your comprehensive financial solutions provider, creating a strategy that can be adjusted as needed to help you reach your unique personal goals," added Mr Pellegrino


"Our advisors are world class at helping people with various scenarios carve out a plan for their financial future."


The Group is also geared up to handling tax inquiries and offering the best advice available to those working through their financial landscape.


"Tax planning is the cog in the financial planning wheel: It engages with all the other pieces to set the plan in motion and keep it running smoothly," he added in another article


For more information about how Goldstone Financial Group can help in your future financial planning, contact them on (630) 620-9300 or view their website