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Feb 5 2020
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The USA-February 5, 2020- Menu Price Today is excited to announce the launch of their website,, in January of 2020. The website showcases many of the popular chain restaurants around the United States. What is truly amazing about the site is how detailed they are with every restaurant showcased. The review site lists the restaurant name, all menu items, and what the prices are today.


One of the more difficult things about going out to each is budgeting. Often when going to a new restaurant or one a consumer hasn’t been to in years is the uncertainty of cost. Some sites may offer useful info like ‘affordable’ or ‘pricey.’ They might even include four dollar signs to signify a restaurant as more upscale. Meanwhile, fast-food receives a single dollar sign. Menu Price Today goes above and beyond for their readers.


Found on Menu Price Today, readers can view a chain restaurant’s full menu lineup, followed by the current price at the time of writing. All prices are currently up to date and will change as a reflection of any change the restaurants may make. Menu Price Today has presently over 45 restaurant menu and prices available to view.


For those that have never been to a chain restaurant before, Menu Price Today offers a bonus. Their reviewers also give consumers a back store of the restaurants, and what to expect. While McDonald’s might be a place everyone has visited probably more than once, there are other popular options on the site, that some may have never tried before. For example, for those that live in certain parts of the country, they may not have tried In-N-Out Burger. However, the popular burger chain is talked about on the internet and by any that have visited.


Restaurants that have been hyped up, consumers may want to be confident when ordering. Having the full menu, plus pricing and a description of the restaurant, can be extremely useful, if not time-saving too. Many of the most popular restaurants around the US can be found on Menu Price Today. For those that are headed out to try something new, or would like to double-check pricing to stay in their budget, stop by Menu Price Today.


For more information on Menu Price Today visit For questions about the site, menus or anything else, please email Menu Price Today at