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Dallas, Texas- February 22, 2020-As one of the top review sites for inflatable hot tubs, Hot Tub Mag is excited to announce the top ten inflatables on the market today. For consumers looking to purchase their first hot tub, there are several reasons to choose an inflatable over traditional, stand-alone tubs.


Inflatable hot tubs are more affordable than traditional units. Lower cost is one of the most convincing arguments to choose this type of hot tub for any backyard oasis.  The average price of a stand-alone unit can run from $3,000-16,000, while an inflatable hot tub averages $600.


Hands down, the portability is what draws most people to purchase. Instead of having to have five or six people to move the unit, inflatable hot tubs can be quickly disassembled and easily moved. Most people will avoid purchasing a hot tub, though they want one, simply because they don’t want the hassle of moving it.


A spokesperson for Hot Tub Mag had this to say, “Another thing to point out about inflatable hot tubs is that they take up a ridiculously small amount of space when they’re deflated, meaning that you can literally take them with you anywhere you go. This means that you can take it with you camping or when you’re having a family get-together outside the house.” on minimal storage space needed when not in use.


Storage is crucial for those that have smaller spaces. Perhaps keeping up a hot tub all year long isn’t possible, or a homeowner finds that they aren’t using it in winter. An inflatable unit can quickly be disassembled and ready for storage in just a few hours. Taking up far less space, and not requiring a cover is what draws those in rental homes to inflatable units.


Water maintenance is also a concern for most consumers. But, there again inflatables win for complete packages containing water treatment systems that make the entire ownership and cleaning more enjoyable.


One hot tub that made Hot Tub Mag’s top ten list was the Bestway 54190E SaluSpa AirJet Helsinki Inflatable Hot Tub. With a sleek design that resembles a traditional hot tub, affordable pricing, and jacuzzi setting for maximum relaxation, the unit from Bestway is a prime example of a must-have inflatable hot tub.


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