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Dubai, UAE: The Physical Training Company (PTC), a full spectrum fitness company operating in the United Arab Emirates, has been collecting data for over 6 years on the impact that sport specific training has on children’s later academic and sporting careers. Through the PTC’s Youth Development Programs, the PTC has coached hundreds of budding athletes from the age of 3 years old to 19 years old, helping them to develop sport specific skills and physical endurance that tangibly enhance performance.


Formed by a team of highly experienced personal trainers in Dubai, the PTC builds on many years of experience of coaching and one-on-one personal training with a wide range of ages and fitness levels. Much research has been aimed at discovering the secret to effective skill development in athletes, particularly during their formative years. Collecting and compiling the data, co-founder Kris Greene commented “There is a proven link between physical activity at a young age and mental development. We have seen how our sports specific coaching program has given generations of children the tools to develop in their respective sports, as well as other areas such as problem solving, balanced mental health and overcoming obstacles.”


The Physical Training Company work with several schools in Dubai, integrating their youth performance coaching program to develop the most promising talent in the younger generations. With significant attention to data gathering and statistical analysis, PTC have worked hard to optimize their program to maximize the enhancement to their children’s scholarship opportunities, leading to several dozen of their former attendees to achieve significant success in a variety of professional sports.




About The Physical Training Company: The Physical Training Company is a full spectrum fitness provider that specializes in personal training in Dubai. Established by a team of highly experienced personal trainers in Dubai in 2015, the PTC have established a successful youth development program that works with several prestigious primary and secondary schools in Dubai.