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In recent years, we’ve seen a cultural revival of the ‘90s and early 2000s -- from high waisted jeans, to the remaking of classic sitcoms. The technological revolution and rise of social media has left many consumers searching for more authenticity in their daily lives. In a world that is obsessively curated, over-filtered and inauthentic, the disposable camera restores the sincerity in capturing memories. Analog Camera Company reinvented the wheel by streamlining the development process by sending digital proofs straight to your phone.

The camera itself, equipped with Fuji C200 film, 27 exposures and a flash, is hardly the selling point. Analog Camera Company takes the burden of development off the plate of consumers. With the purchase of an Analog camera, customers receive a prepaid, pre-addressed mailer for development and digital scans, sent directly to their phones. Because disposable cameras normally cost around $15, with development ranging from $15 to $20, this process saves the consumer both time and money, costing just $25 for both the camera and development.

Analog is the brainchild of founder Max Gallagher, 25, a financial consultant and resident of Los Angeles. After bringing disposable cameras on a trip to Dallas in 2019, Gallagher realized that the development process was inefficient and outdated. He couldn’t understand why it took a full three weeks before receiving his developed photos. “I just knew there had to be a better way,” he said.

The solution came about when Gallagher realized that the entire process of buying and developing disposable cameras could be taken in-house, with a company that specializes in disposable cameras. They realized that they could take the burden of development off the consumer’s plate by  including a return mailer with the camera. Once he realized that access to a film lab would allow Analog to provide film development and scanning for wholesale prices, he set out to find a film lab to partner with. 

“I probably called 50 film labs all over the country, pitched them on Analog and explained the kind of partner I was looking for,” said Gallagher. “Eventually, I found our current partner, Valley Photo Service, in North Hollywood. The owner, Noe, is a super nice guy who truly believes in what I’m trying to do with Analog. He’s been great and I’m very lucky everything worked out the way it did.”

Analog provides both the camera and development service for just $25, including prepaid shipping to and from the film lab. The steps are simple:

  • Register your physical camera on our website before your next adventure. Bring the Analog camera along for festivals, concerts, weddings, etc.

  • Send your disposable camera back in the prepaid mailer for developing.

  • Receive your developed disposable camera pictures straight to your phone or computer in as little as a few days. 

Gallagher, a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, doesn’t attribute his innovativeness to his professional background. “It was, and is, a series of problems you must solve and risks you must take. 99 percent of the things I needed to do were completely foreign to me,” he said.

Take Analog along on your next hike, campout or trip to the lake; And upon their return, to concerts, parties and parades. Visit to purchase yours today!



In an age where sending a text has replaced grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, Analog Camera Company was founded upon the idea that film photography, specifically disposable cameras, capture more authentic memories. We set out to make the development process both quicker and more cost-efficient, so we could bring authenticity into 2020.