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Boston, MA: Liquor License Advisor is excited and proud to announce the addition of Glenn Lawler to their Executive Team in our new position of Director of Business Development.

Glenn Lawler has deep roots in the Wholesale Liquor industry with almost 3 decades at Horizon Beverage finally serving as Director of Casinos and Venues. Lawler was instrumental in the development of Horizon’s Stealth Division, one of the nation’s first on-premise focused sales divisions and grew that line of business to revenues in excess of $40 million. Lawler then stepped into the role of developing and leading Horizon’s National Account departmentwith many regional and national high-profile accounts.

Lawler is looking forward to serving new and past clients the opportunity to capitalize on their liquor store(s) and licenses. Lawler will be in charge of driving Liquor License Advisor’s business and increasing its revenue, creating new business opportunities and building and expanding the presence of the company and its brands into new markets.

Lawler will also lead Liquor License Advisor’s sales and client-relationship management, track new markets and emerging trends, propose and develop new strategic partnerships, and guide long-term objectives to meet business needs and requirements.


“We have been waiting for the right fit to bring in someone who can help us expand into new markets and continue to grow and serve the ones we are currently in,” says Dan Newcomb, Liquor License Advisor Founder and CEO. “Glenn’s reputation in the industry, his expertise and his vision make him a great fit for the direction we are taking our company. He’s a guy who is incredibly passionate, values his relationships, and always comes from a place of integrity so we are excited to have him on our team.”


With all that has gone on in the liquor store and liquor license industry in 2020, new players are entering the game and long-time owners are ready to exit as liquor store valuations are at an all-time high.


“It’s an incredible opportunity for liquor store ownersto look at what options they have to exit, especially if they were already considering doing so in the next 2-5 years,” says Lawler, “they can get top dollar and don’t have to deal with changing guidelines, staffing issues, compliance and other headaches that are currently involved in owning a liquor store. I’m really looking forward to continuing to making my mark on the liquor industry in this new way – getting liquor store owners top dollar for their investment.”


Lawler has had a very decorated career to date, being honoured by the Massachusetts Restaurant Association for his high standard of service, and his individual contributions to Horizon and the greater on-premise community. He joins Liquor License Advisor November 2020.



About Liquor License Advisor: Liquor License Advisor is a liquor store and liquor license broker who assist owners and others to buy or sell their liquor license or liquor store. The Liquor License Advisor Team is constantly growing in leadership, impact and service thanks to their reputation in the liquor industry as the Nation’s leading expert on Liquor Stores and Licenses.



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