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Performances are October 25-26 and November 9-11 at INNdulge in Palm Springs.

The critically acclaimed LGBT comedy, ELECTRICITY, begins its Palm Springs run on October 26. The show explores the journey of two gay men who hook up in a hotel room after their tenth high school reunion in small town Ohio. It offers audiences a unique immersive theatrical experience, playing inside an actual hotel room at Palm Springs’ gay resort, INNdulge. 

“We love independent theatre and are excited to be a part of this groundbreaking show,” says Jon Jackson, who owns INNdulge with his husband, Sandy.
The show is heartbreaking, romantic and oftentimes, hilarious.  It stars Playwright and veteran actor Terry Ray as Gary, a man who is so closeted that he hides behind an invented wife. Meanwhile, Brad, played by Mel England, can’t see far enough into the future to believe he has one.  He kills his pain with sex, drugs and alcohol. Despite their differences, they have an "electricity" that draws them back to that same hotel room, and to each other, for every successive reunion over three decades.
The show begins in the lobby of INNdulge where the audience acts as part of the high school reunion. It leads to a private room inside the hotel, where the audience members become flies on the wall as Gary and Brad’s incredible story unfolds.

Ray says he wrote the play to chronicle a journey many gay men who came of age in the 1970s and 1980s can relate to. “We started from a place where silence equaled death to one where equality might actually be a reality,” he explains.

ELECTRICITY is produced by TMD Productions and Michael Darner. It is directed by Steven Rosenbaum.
Performances are October 25-26 and November 9-11, 2017 at INNdulge (601 S. Grenfall Rd., Palm Springs). 7:30pm reception/8:00pm show. 90 minutes/no intermission. 18+ only as the show includes nudity. Guests of INNdulge will enjoy a 50% discount on tickets.