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July 28, 2020 – The Storage Place – Order Fulfillment for e-Commerce businesses is now open for all US-based companies looking to outsource handling China-cargo, store goods in a secure warehouse, take-in and process orders, expertly pick-pack and ship their products via premium-carriers across the UK and Europe markets.


Registration is open through our website form and email until we run out of free space in our large UK-based warehouse.

Why Outsourcing Order Fulfillment?

The United Kingdom and Europe have become an exciting destination for expansion, particularly for e-commerce businesses looking for a more scalable approach to economic growth. The international expansion opens your US-based company to a new region with many unique opportunities, where much of Europe provides attractive culture, affluent populations, and markets that are promising territory for development. Before you start planning your next move, here's a list of questions to help you minimize the risk and understand the direction you need to be looking at to achieve your e-commerce goals in Europe.


Where should you start your European Expansion?

In that sense, we can say that the most critical piece when preparing for European expansion is proper business analysis. Going international is a considerable endeavor that could disrupt existing organization activities. For that reason, decision-makers should truly understand the effects, obstacles, and advantages it will have on their business.

Before you start preparing for an expansion, it is vital to plan for the expected challenges your company may face. Any international expansion will take extra staff time, preparation, and resources before you begin to gain the benefits of acquiring brand-new consumers.


One of the best approaches out there is to find an excellent order fulfillment company that can provide a backend system for your eCommerce, offering you services such as:

  • specialized warehousing and safe storage of your product
  • ability to clear the cargo (customs bonded warehouse)
  • also, taking on the paperwork and the legal side
  • linking with your eCommerce platform to take in and process orders
  • expert pick and pack services
  • and handing your orders for shipment and fast delivery


For example, our order fulfillment company The Storage Place will not only help you speed up the process of opening in Europe, but it can also stand as a hub or a base for your organization. That alone will cover the most critical aspects of your international expansion.

We also recommend starting in the UK - it is the best place not only because of the English language but also because of the long tradition and strong, established relationships that seaside order fulfillment companies have with the rest of the European countries.


Have Confidence in Your European Growth

The above considerations and suggestions can help you choose whether you're prepared to pursue growth opportunities, gain consumers, and boost profits through European growth. Having a knowledgeable partner like The Storage Place on your side can help minimize the stresses and problems that feature worldwide growth - especially amid Brexit unpredictability.

About The Storage Place

The Storage Place Order Fulfillment can assist you in acquiring quick, certified access to European markets beginning with the UK. If you're ready to break into the European market, reach out to us today to start.


To register please visit our website or call Paul Griffiths (Sales Director) at +44 191 438 1616.