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Indianapolis, IN – June 14, 2020 –COVID-19 has impacted everyone worldwide in ways that are still unknown.  A pair of sisters in Indianapolis realized that there may be Seniors who are unable to get food for their pets during this time.  They want to ensure that seniors can feed their dogs by providing them with free dog food.


Pristine plumbing co-owner, Angel Blevins, and her sister, Josi Evans, have realized that COVID-19 has impacted all of us, even the animals.  Individuals are struggling to make ends meet.   Money is being spent on food and necessities so that people can stay at home.  Expenses are piling up, and some seniors are unable to afford food for their pets.  For many, pets are furry members of the family. 


The sisters got busy in April looking for donations to support their cause.  Josi Evans contacted local retailers due to larger chains typically being restricted from making local donations.  Several local stores, including City Dogs Grocery, The Hayloft, and Big Truck’s Feed, have donated to ensure that seniors can feed their animals.  For many seniors, this is the equivalent to parents being able to feed their children. 


The sisters are hoping to match the donations that they have received with those who need them the most.  BOAA has partnered with the duo and they are hoping that they can assist in the process of handing out donations.  The BOAA has a list of seniors in the area.  The sisters are using social media outlets, such as Facebook, and word of mouth advertising to get news of their program out.  There is no end date to the program at this time; and the program may continue even after the pandemic is and life goes back to “normal”. 


Josie, Angel, and Angel’s husband and co-owner of Pristine Plumbing, Ron; have lived in the town of Brownsburg for a long time.  They want to be active members of the community and have a passion for animals.  Josi is the proud owner of a cat, two dogs, eight chickens, a tortoise, and a gecko.  Angel and Ron also have pets.  They are the proud parents of a dog and two cats.  The family understands the cost and struggle associated with feeding your animals.  They also understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on everyone, and that many are struggling to feed the pet babies. 


If you are a senior and need help feeding your pet call (317) 440-5110 for more information if there is no answer leave a voicemail.  Information about the pet feeding program can also be found at and utilize the contact form.