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According to a report by the Pew Research Center, "mixed" is the fastest-growing racial category in the U.S. With this growth comes an increasing need for resources that cater to mixed-race individuals. Mixed Mental Health is proud to announce the launch of its new online life coaching services that engage mixed-race women and help them integrate the fantastic and beautiful pieces of who they are, build confidence, and crush their goals.


In addition, they offer counseling sessions designed to inspire, motivate and help mixed-race women realize that they have the potential to be great. Unfortunately, mixed-race women often bury their identities, feeling like they don’t fit into any community, and cast aside the "real" them, abandoning their self-journey. Losing their way is consistently happens as they get lost in the layers of societal expectations. Some of the challenges that mixed-race women face include:

  • Systemic racism with their family of origin
  • Uncertainty of safety with others
  • Navigating womanhood in an oppressive society
  • A deep sense of loneliness due to the lack of a nurturing society
  • A heightened sense of empathy that causes you to "feel" more and burn out regularly


Tackling these issues and helping women deal with them directly requires a unique perspective that aligns with these experiences. Unfortunately, a mono-racial mental health professional doesn’t have the tools to help mixed-race women with their specific needs. To begin healing those who are lost, the therapist must understand the experiences of mixed-race women and how they can take a toll. Brittany George, the founder of Mixed Mental Health, says: "The purpose of her guidance is not to tell anyone who you are, but to initiate (or fuel) the fire in them that wants to find out."


Through their services, mixed-race women find a place where they can visualize their dreams and make them a reality. Mixed Mental Health takes care of the logistics and offers a listening ear, understanding heart, and experienced hand to help on the journey. Brittany has created a place where all aspects of identity are welcome.


By creating a grand haven to connect with their guide weekly, Brittany provides mixed-race women a place to unpack their experiences, find better ways to manage stress, and express their emotions confidently and safely. Through self-healing, the seeds of curiosity can push through the fear of saying "yes" to new opportunities. By releasing one's full potential, mixed-race women can live one entire life instead of a thousand half ones.


Mixed Mental Health offers unique therapeutic sessions that help individuals achieve identity clarity. In addition, through the online program, like-minded women participate in empathetic community therapy. To learn more and begin the journey, please visit their website.


Phone: (604) 614-8091