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Long Beach, CA, March 19, 2022 --John E. Lashbrook has dedicated his life to helping others.  He has served humanity as a missionary to Brazil.  He also served at several universities, including United Theological Seminary, Mt. Vernon Nazarene University, and Wright State University.  He then started a faith-based fellowship to assist mentally challenged men and women with electronic devices.


Lashbrook decided to step out in a new way of helping people.  His vision was to connect people worldwide who are looking to improve their lives with some of the best life coaches and chaplains available.  From this idea, Forever Hopeful was launched.


“Our mission at Forever Hopeful is listening with thoughtfulness, trust, and empathy and providing faith-based services that empower people to experience wholeness and fulfillment,” Lashbrook said of his new business.


“By using the technology that we have available today, we can provide faith-based services to anyone in the world.  We have two major offerings: life coaching and chaplaincy.  With the help of online coaching, people can work on their self-image issues or any other struggles interfering with their happiness. Online life coaching is an effective tool for those struggling with negative thoughts who don’t have anyone to talk to. Online coaches offer different methods to suit each person, which means someone will be able to find the right fit for them,” Lashbrook explained.


With his experience in ministry, Lashbrook knew that with life coaching, his business would need to offer online chaplaincy as well, “Online chaplaincy is an increasingly growing field for the religious community. Some of the benefits of this type of ministry are that people may feel more comfortable with someone they do not know in person, and they can be more honest about their thoughts and feelings.”


Forever Hopeful’s team of life coaches and chaplains are currently available to assist clients.  The process to book a session is as easy as selecting a coach or chaplain, choosing a time, paying an affordable amount, and then having your first life-changing 45-minute session.  Forever Hopeful has streamlined the process to allow clients to receive quality online life coaching and online chaplaincy at an affordable rate. 


Forever Hopeful is also partnering with personal and organizational contributors to provide vouchers for underprivileged people who need faith-based services.



About Forever Hopeful


Forever Hopeful is a Long Beach, California-based business.  Its goal is to make its clients' lives better by providing online life coaching and online chaplaincy.  To learn more or book a session, visit their website at .