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Four Los Angeles-area identical quadruplet sisters are making a musical splash overseas.  Their single, “All About Tonight”, a sexy, pop track about where the mind goes to and how the body flows when Friday night arrives, is #10 on the Swiss Dance Chart this week.

Jodi, Catherine, Christina, and Janelle Pyfrom - collectively known as FOUREVER1 - were discovered on YouTube last year by American Idol music master Randy Jackson, who executive produces their debut single.  His team flew the sisters from the Bahamas, their hometown, to Los Angeles to record their album.  The girls hope their music encourages fans to step out of their comfort zones. 

“We want to inspire young people to pursue their dreams,” says Jodi. “Work hard, have fun, believe in yourself, always be yourself and don’t ever let anyone change you.”

“These girls are the next Fifth Harmony”, declares DJ/remixer Sean Finn, named best national dance act in Germany in 2012 and 2014.  He's had five number ones on the German dance charts including his latest single, “The Rhythm of the Night“, out now.  

Finn remixed  “All About Tonight” and is leading the charge to bring FOUREVER1's blazing Bahamian spice to European dance floors.  “Sure, being quads makes the girls interesting," he continues, "but it’s their incredible talent that makes them so special."

Catherine, the sister who is known as the group’s peacemaker, explains,  “When we sing together, we sound like other artists do when their vocals are stacked. Like one voice! We do harmonies, of course, but we also break off for solo leads.” 

The sisters also play their own instruments.  Catherine plays guitar, Janelle and Christine can be heard on piano, and Jodi on drums. 

FOUREVER1’s  “All about Tonight” and its remixes are available on iTunes.