Love letters take a special something. You can’t just write them in your living room. You need inspiration. You need romance. You need something that will be transferred through your senses, up to unconscious and from there onto the page. Only in that way can you be sure that you’re actually going to get something true and honest.

The question then becomes, where do you go? Well, thankfully Santa Monica is full of exactly the kinds of spots that you can use to get this kind of inspiration. Here I’m going to list a few that worked particularly well for me.

Ferris wheel at the Pier

Go up, come down, enjoy the amazing view of the pier and the ocean, and translate all those thoughts into words for your love letter. It really is a fantastic to location to let your pen spill the essence of your heart.

Of course, you’ll probably find that a great deal of your words will be centered around coming back around, the circularity of life and possibly some about instability – but there are worse metaphors for love.

Of course, you will only have so long to actually write your words. Though that might not be for everybody, for me that’s fantastic, as it puts a bit of fire under me and pushes me on. And of course, if you can’t finish it in that first round you can always go around again.

A window table at One Pico

Have some phenomenal food and a bottle of champagne while you puzzle and wonder about what words will win her heart, all while letting the absolutely amazing view of the waves and the sunset inspire you.

Alternatively, look at the other couples that have gathered here to share a moment of romantic intimacy. Sometimes seeing why other people love each other can really help you find inspiration for the words you want to commit to paper.

Whichever of these you choose, you can do the great deal worse than One Pico if you want to write a love letter – though admittedly it might put you back a few pennies.

The Beach

Sometimes you just have to put your toes in the sand. Sometimes you just have to feel the waves lap at your feet. There is something magical about beaches – and that goes double for the beaches of Santa Monica.

Don’t just go during the day either. Try really early in the morning, when there’s nobody out there, or just after sunset, when the skies turn red. There you’ll find real inspiration for those pages. And sure, people have written about that kind of stuff before when they talk about their love. But the reason people keep coming back to it is because it so closely fits what they’re feeling.

Be careful, though. I once wrote a whole letter, only to have a wave catch me by surprise. That took the wind right out of my sails. In the end, I needed help to write another one – thank God there is the list of writing services for helping me out there. Still, I wish I still had those original words. They were supposed to inspire love. Instead, they only provoked regret.

Coffee after the theatre

Go see a play about love (whether found or lost) and let the words of the actors inspire you. Then, armed with the script (you can never remember everything they say) a notebook and a good cup of coffee use how you were moved to move your lover.

After all, nobody comes up with a love letter all on their own, so why not allow yourself to be inspired by some of the absolute greats?

Last words

In truth, there are so many more spots that you can try out for writing a love letter. Santa Monica is fantastic for that kind of thing. Just stroll around and let your feet find you a spot where the words will come to you. More often than not that is enough.

And if you can’t find the words right away. Love letters, like love itself, sometimes take a time to form themselves in the back of your mind. The best thing you can do is simply let it gestate as you take in the beauty of a truly unique spot on earth. Then, when it’s ready, it will leap from your mind fully-formed.

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