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Crocheting is a beautiful craft, offering a variety of techniques and stitches that bring texture and dimension to your work. One such technique is crocheting into the front and back loops, which can change the entire feel and look of a project. Crocheting in the front loop is abbreviated as FLO while crocheting in the back loop is abbreviated as BLO. Both are interesting techniques that every crochet artist must master. They are useful for various purposes and techniques. Generally, when you crochet in one loop rather than the entire stitch you have an exposed loop that perfectly adds texture to the pattern. In this blog, let’s take a look at the techniques to crocheting in the front and back loops. With the step-by-step instructions you can master them both.

Understanding the Basics and getting started

Anatomy of a Crochet Stitch: All of the basic crochet stitches creates an interlocking loop. Whether it is a single crochet stitch or the treble crochet stitch, when you see the stitch from above, it forms a V. The leg of the V close to you is generally the front loop and the leg of the stitch away from you is the back loop. Generally, you insert your crochet hook through both legs but when it comes to the technique of FLO or BLO, you work into only one leg of the stitch.

But before you dive into this method, it's essential to have the right tools. And at the heart of these tools are the crochet hooks.

Crochet Hooks: A crochet project's success often hinges on the choice of crochet hooks. These tools come in a range of materials from the sturdy wooden crochet hooks or even the luxurious premium crochet hooks. In regards of sizes, you get options to make delicate lace to bulky projects. For hook types choose from the nimble single ended crochet hooks to interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks. The kind of hook you choose not only affects your grip and comfort but also the final product's texture and quality. Choosing a comfortable crochet hook is essential.

Yarn: Yarn is the next essential after your tools. For practice, it is recommended to work with stash leftover from your previous yarn projects. If you are working right away on a pattern, go through the instructions for yarn.

Crocheting in the Front Loop (FLO)

Start with the Basics: Before you start crocheting into specific loops, ensure your foundation chain is set. With your crochet hook, make a simple chain stitch of the required length. Make stitches according to the pattern. For practice, you can work with single crochet stitch.

Identifying the Loops: Every crochet stitch has a V shape on the top. This V consists of two strands - the one closest to you is the front loop, and the one farther away is the back loop.

Inserting the Hook: For front loop crocheting, insert your crochet hook into the front loop only. Make sure the hook goes under the front loop and over the back loop.

Crocheting in the Back Loop (BLO)

Setting the Stage: Start with a foundation chain using your preferred crochet hooks. Work on any crochet stitch you prefer to work the BLO into.

Locating the Back Loop: As mentioned above, the back loop is the strand of the V shape that's farther from you. If you are working on the right side (RS) or the wrong side (WS) of the pattern, the leg of the stitch away from you is the back loop.

Getting Started: To crochet into the back loop, insert your hook into the back loop only, making sure it goes over the front loop and under the back loop.

Why Crochet in Specific Loops?

The choice of which loop to work depends on the effect you want to create. A pattern designer will instruct, which side to work on, which loop to crochet into but when planning your own designs, it will be determined by the textured effect you are aiming for. Working into the back loop can drastically changes the texture of your work. It can add ribbing or ridges, making your fabric more flexible or giving it a unique design. Crocheting in the front loop only (FLO) is a favorite among those crafting wearable items for its added stretchiness. Alternating both FLO and BLO in a pattern, say for example a scarf gives it the perfect textured effect.

Tips for Success

  1. Maintain Consistency: Ensure that you're consistently crocheting into the desired loop throughout the project to maintain an even texture.
  2. Read Pattern Instructions Carefully: The choice of crocheting front loop or back loop only is instructed in a pattern, so go through the directions carefully for the desired effect.


Crocheting in the front and back loops is a simple technique that can drastically transform your projects, offering added texture and design variation. By choosing the right crochet hooks, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable crocheting session. So, pick up your hooks, and dive into the world of loop-specific crocheting! With premium crochet hooks from the Lantern Moon Collection enjoy a smooth crafting experience. With individual sizes and crochet hook sets, you’ve got a plethora of options for your craft needs.

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