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6 razones que retrasan su reclamo de accidente (1)

What Issues Can Delay a Car Accident Claim?

Car accident claims aim to ensure personal injury victims have a way to recover losses from the negligent parties who are responsible for their loss. However, because personal injury cases are legal proceedings, they can be complicated by certain legal issues.

These are the most common issues that can delay a car accident claim:

  1. The police report isn’t complete: Police reports can make or break some car accident claims. If there are inconsistencies, or if you disagree with facts or conclusions in a car accident police report, talk to a lawyer.
  2. Length of medical treatment: It is important to wait until you reach the maximum medical improvement as only then you will fully understand the true value of your medical expense, long-term implications, and damages.
  3. Disputes over who’s at fault: Even when fault for an accident is clear, the insurance company may still try to downplay their liability by pointing the finger at you.
  4. If the case goes to court: When the insurance company is refusing to play fair, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit.

It can feel impossible to manage your finances when you need money now, and the settlement process is taking too long. If your car accident claim is delayed for any reason, it's a good idea to obtain legal representation. Please don’t hesitate to contact Goldberg Injury Lawyers for a free case evaluation and consultation.


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