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accidentes de trabajo y responsabilidades de terce

Have you been injured on the job due to a third party’s negligence?

Third-party liability means the employee had a workers’ compensation case, but somebody else other than the employer caused the accident. If that's the case, the employee might be entitled to more than just workers’ compensation benefits.

That said, if an employee is involved in a work-related accident, he/she should follow these steps to seek compensation for all damages:

  1. Immediately seek medical attention.
  2. Secure the scene for later investigations.
  3. Keep track of everything by documenting it.
  4. Seek the legal help of an experienced workplace accident attorney.

Remember! Workers’ compensation is not the same as a third-party claim. It is essential that employees seek a law firm with experience in third-party claims.

Navigating the legal system can be overwhelming when you need to focus on recovering from your injuries. Reach out to Goldberg Injury Lawyers to discuss your case. We are here to help.


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