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Let's protect our students and their families from reckless drivers.

Sadly, in less than 10 days 3 auto accidents have resulted in serious injury or death of students and/or their families.

The first one happened in Thousand Oaks on April 18, followed by the accident in Mid-Wilshire on April 25, a day later another student was hit by a car near Downtown.

The results could not have been worse, one student was killed, five students were seriously injured, and one mother was killed. Without a doubt, we urgently need to improve street safety measures to protect our students and their families.

In recent days, some measures have been proposed by the Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee, such as increasing the number of speed bumps and crossing guards outside LAUSD campuses.

Certainly, no one knows whether more speed bumps, crossing guards, or traffic signals will help prevent more tragedies like these. What is certain is that we can't allow this to happen again to other students.

At Goldberg Injury Lawyers, we encourage parents to take extra safety precautions when walking their children to school to avoid negligent or reckless drivers. Parents should avoid texting and pay attention to traffic conditions, walking on sidewalks, only crossing in designated crosswalks, and looking both ways before they cross. 

If your child has been injured in a car accident, know that California law is on your side. 

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