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Sideswipe incidents often occur when vehicles change lanes, pass other vehicles, merge onto a highway or swerve to avoid a hazard. They are more common than one might think.

Follow these 5 tips to reduce your chances of being involved in a sideswipe collision.

  1. Keep mirrors clean and properly adjusted at all times.
  2. Check blind spots every time you change the position of your vehicle.
  3. Always travel at a safe speed.
  4. Signal your intentions and wait for a suitable gap in traffic.
  5. Ensure you keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

In a sideswipe collision, even at lower speeds, drivers may lose control, and the car may spin out or crash in other ways causing serious injuries and even death.

If you get sideswiped, you should treat it the same way you treat any other automobile crash. The at-fault driver’s liability insurance should cover your car damage and any medical costs.

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