At present, the parameters of the internal structure of China's deep groove ball bearings are almost the same as those of foreign products. However, the level of vibration and noise of these products is very different from that of foreign products. This is mainly due to manufacturing factors and working conditions. From the point of view of the bearing industry, factors related to working conditions can be taken into account when the main engine is subject to reasonable requirements. However, how to reduce the vibration and noise caused by manufacturing is becoming an urgent issue for the bearing industry.

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Numerous tests carried out in the country and abroad show that: the quality of the treatment of the cage, the bearing ring and the steel balls has a different effect on the vibration of the bearing. Of all, the processing quality of the steel balls has the most significant effect on bearing vibration. The main factors that influence are the roundness of the bearing rings, the corrugation, the roughness of the surface and the impact and damage of the surface.

With regard to the rings, the most serious impacts on the vibration of the bearing are the corrugation of the channel and the roughness of the surface. For example, if the circularity of the inner and outer channels of the deep groove ball bearings of small and medium size is greater than 2 µm, this will have a distinctive effect on the vibration of the bearing.

The corrugation is due to the grinding of balls and steel rings. Although super-finishing can improve ripple and reduce roughness, the most fundamental measure is to reduce the corrugation process and avoid shock and random injury.

How to reduce the noise of ball bearings? Two points must be taken into account. One is the manufacturing process. The refinement of the manufacturing process refers primarily to the brevity of the process and the combination of process and manufacture. The manufacturing process must be clean. In addition, bearings must be produced on a large scale in order to improve competitiveness in the global market. The other is the team. High-speed polishing, spindle accuracy, stiffness and many other sensing functions have a significant impact on the accuracy and efficiency of grinding.

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