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Before becoming a model, you must become the best state, here are some tips from those most professional modeling agencies below:

Choose well. the best model agencies feel that one of the keys to making successful New Years Resolutions is to aim for something that you really wish to achieve as apposed to feeling pressured by what other people may want for you. While it's important to feel passionate about whatever it is that you intend to achieve, try not to aim too high this year; think carefully about what it is that you'd to change and why, if you have motivation and plan carefully then you really can make the change this year!

Fitness. One of the most common resolutions people make at the beginning of the year is to lose weight. If it's your choice, we strongly recommend that you focus on health in terms of weight loss. Remember to take an activity you like, such as riding, swimming, dancing or even painting, and do it regularly. There are so many fun ways to exercise that you will forget that you lose weight as a side effect. This approach will also offer opportunities to meet other people and can really enrich your life. For best results, try exercising for half an hour, three to five times a week, with your new hobby. Even a brisk walk to or from work will do it!

One thing at a time. Although there is a list of things you would like to change in 2018, it is probably best to focus on the one that will have more chances to succeed. If you try to reach too much, you run a greater risk of failure, which can discourage you. Do one thing at a time, choose the ambition that interests you most, develop a plan and talk to your audience, so that you have the most support possible.

Diet. When making changes to your diet, the important thing is that they be sustainable. Radical diet changes are often manageable only for a limited period of time and when you return to your previous diet, weight is also back. The Hong Kong Model Agency recommends making one or two small changes that it can maintain permanently; that is, exchange your whole skim milk for semi-skimmed milk and opt for smaller portions at mealtime. Such changes can really bring lasting change.

Smoking. An important advice of the model agency is to stop smoking, it is a valid solution, but it will have to be very determined and certainly not easy to achieve. These days, there is a lot of help available for those who want to quit, start by visiting your doctor, who can advise you and help you get started.

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