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Each style of poker site has its advantages and disadvantages, but we prefer to play on smaller poker sites. When choosing the poker site you want to play on, you need to decide if you want to play on one of the biggest poker sites like PokerHost or on a smaller poker site like BetOnline. But why play in smaller places?

By using Poker Analyzer, we can add small things that we notice about a particular player, such as the player "withdraws if you raise them", or if "they reach the top, they have it". At worst, we can qualify the player as aggressive or tight. This information can be valuable because you know what type of player you play immediately. On larger sites (unless you play $ 1000 tournaments or $ 50 / $ 100 blinds), it is rare for you to meet the same player as often, reason # 1, we love smaller sites. poker.

With the exception of Poker Analyzer ( Poker Analyzer AKK A2 ), the note function can also be useful for information about you. We always play aggressively, so if we do not have player ratings we will assume we have not played and stick to our usual playing style. During the game, however, we will add a note, although very small. So when it reappears, we will play aggressively.

This system would never work in major poker sites because you would never find the same players to make it profitable. On some mid-sized sites, if you play long enough, it may work, but it may take months to create a decent player's footnote base.

Since this player has notes about us, we have to change our game. He may have labeled us "cowardly" and try to intimidate us. Or if you call us "tight", we will never get a good pot. As a result, we have to change the way we play last time. But how do we know how we play it?

When I play it a second time, we will write the number 2 in the notes function. Therefore, when it reappears, we know that we have already played twice as aggressively. The third time a number 3 and so on. At some point, when we feel that he may know our aggressive play, we will change, play tighter and catch him to get good pots.
First impressions are the greatest. Thus, when we modify our game, we will note in their profile that "we are tight" so that we know that we played hard during the last match.

Most likely, he will always consider us aggressive and we will play again, this time highlighting "we tight 2", which means it's the second time we play hard. At some point, we will return to the aggressive game by re-launching the scoring process: "we are aggressive 1" and so on. Get it? At some point, this poor guy will have no idea how to play with us and we will do it with him. We also have our notes on him, knowing how he plays.

We always assume that our competition is doing the same thing as us, and if we have notes on a player, we assume he has notes about us (in fact, this is probably true, maybe 50% of the time , casual player players). So, if we notice that we have notes on a player, we assume that he is also doing it on us.

Final suggestion, try to watch some poker analyzer video to learn more information about poker game, like this

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