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To spit the shine of Men's Dress Shoes, it's a little more precise than your basic polish and shine. You must be attentive to every detail, feel comfortable and take a chair, as it may take time to get there.

Every men choose Buy Men's Dress Shoes, The first thing to do is to prepare men's shoes and keep them ready to shine. It's your basic cleaning of dust and debris with a damp cloth or brush. Use small circular motions to apply even a layer of enamel on the leather shoes. You should let them dry about 15 to 20 minutes before moving on to the next step.

The next thing to do is to use a damp cloth and make sure all the enamel dives into the shoes by wrapping the cloth around your fingers and applying a little pressure while spreading the polish on the shoes with success. Simply soak a piece of cloth in a cup of water to moisten it. So, all the luster of the shoes will not go with the piece of fabric. If you wish, you can use alcohol instead of water.

The third step towards the shine of Men's Dress Shoes is to polish them, which is a matter of delicacy. You can use a cotton ball or a damp cloth; Rub the first polishing layer gently with the same small and old movement. This is where you take your time. Speed ??is not a good quality right now to spit. To get a perfect result, you have to start with the tip and work until you reach the heels.

The next step is the application of the second polishing layer. To do this, you need to dip an old shirt or a cotton ball in a dish dish and make sure it does not drip. You just need it to be wet enough to apply the polish. Use the damp cloth to apply a second coat of very smooth polish on the completely polished shoes. Use the same circular slow motion to apply this polish until you see a blurry glow.

If you have not achieved the desired shiny effect, it is recommended to continue to apply light enamel on your men's shoes until you achieve the desired goal.

Do not apply thick layers during this phase of saliva gloss; only several layers of light are needed to obtain a glassy or hazy gloss. You can even polish the shoes once more if you wish.
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