In recent days Carlos Agustin Ahumada, President of the Argentine Chamber of Solar Energy (CAES), said that the Chamber, concerned about the ecology and technological development of energy for the benefit of humanity and the protection of the environment, promotes and collaborates with all projects to reduce costs for the use of electricity for the benefit of the end user and especially to help make the planet greener by reducing hydrocarbon consumption.

Ahumada, who is in charge of the CAES since 2014, said that Argentina is a country with important natural resources for the generation of wind and solar energy, that is why Law 27.191, enacted in 2015, established that these energies should reach 20 % of the matrix in the year 2025.

According to the reports of the Ministry of Energy, the interest of local and international investors in the industry is great: they estimate that they would enter the country some 3000 million dollars in the coming years, in addition to the generation of more than 10,000 jobs.