It is getting hotter in this summer days. The temperature continues to be high but it won’t affect people’s enthusiasm for pursuing and admiring Airwheel E3 folding e bike. It has gathered an increasingly popularity in recent days. It is fair to say that this O-shaped e bike will be fit for summer traveling.

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To achieve the better folding effect, engineers of E3 backpack electric bike made special design. The main frame consists of two circles. The front and rear wheels will be put into the two “O” shaped parts for taking full advantage of space. You’ll see the bike with size of 474mm×399mm×374mm after folding is small enough for being packed into a backpack. Besides, girls can also lift this 12.5kg’s vehicle.

E3 electric folding bike adopts the aluminum alloy for the whole body. This material can effectively reduce the weight of frames and ensure the strength, which means it can bear almost 100kg. A notable thing is that E3 smart backpack electric bike has a strong drive force. The customized wheel hub motor can output a maximum of 300W drive force for providing steady and powerful force. Meanwhile, its tires select the low energy consumption rubber with special treads design for better road holding ability and wear resistance.

Some people always choose to ride at night. With fast pace of life and high pressure in urban, people, especially for those office workers, will start their individual time at night. By this reason, E3 backpack e bike is installed with high strength LED headlight in the handle bar. Even if being in a dark environment, users can see clearly the conditions ahead by opening the headlight. Except the headlight, the multi-functional handle bar has other little accessories, such as EBS, bell and phone holder. The night’s riding will be an indispensable part of your life gradually.

So move it up! Go for experiencing a city riding full of leisure and excitement with Airwheel E3 backpack e bike.

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