Leading wholesale yoga mat manufacturer and global supplier, Fuqing Shengde Plastic & Rubber Products Co., Ltd., is a nationwide enterprise that is recognized around the world for their high quality products and impeccable customer services. Founded in 1995, Fuqing Shengde Plastic & Rubber dedicated itself on the developing innovative plastic and rubber product to cater to the growing demands of the world. Today, the company is a renowned leader in the yoga products industry with a vast range of wholesale products. The company recently unveiled their latest range of yoga mat, one of their top selling products that are designed to combine performance, great design and style.

For over 22 years Fuqing Shengde has been pioneer spearheading the development and cultivation of yoga products, their ranges of products feature all the latest hi-tech elements to meet the needs of the global market.

The global wholesale yoga mat supplier is proud to offer high standards of quality in both their products and their customer services. The company spokesperson said: We are proud to say that today we are an integrated enterprise with a collection of research and development, foaming, processing, and selling. Main products include yoga mat, yoga block, yoga roller, yoga wheel, yoga ball and other yoga products. The company’s products comply with global standards of quality and have attained various certifications as proof of their commitment towards excellence. We are committed to upholding our serving principle of quality and thus winning the hearts of the consumers frequently. We strictly control each procedure including the processing, packing and delivery.”

The latest yoga mat line includes Beautiful PVC Yoga Mat Printed Flower and Natural rubber suede yoga mat printing eco-friendly style, ready for custom branding that is offered by the company. The company maintains a large worldwide customer base that includes clients in every part of the world including Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, their product including yoga mat, yoga block, yoga roller, yoga wheel, yoga ball and other yoga products are available for sale on all major online marketplaces including Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba.

The company continues their global customer base to become a major plastic, rubber and yoga products manufacturer globally.


Fuqing Shengde Plastic & Rubber Products Co., Ltd is the leading plastic and rubber products manufacturer and supplier based in China with branch offices throughout the country. For more information, please visit:

Company: Fuqing Shengde Plastic & Rubber Products Co., Ltd.
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Address: 3/F, No. 1 Building, Fuda Yishan Cultural And Creative Park, West Wushan Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China


GERD or Acid Reflux is what people most commonly call acidity. Almost everyone is prone to this condition at least a few times. It mostly occurs due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. However, for some people the condition is in the severe form. The condition is caused when the stomach acid is sent back into the esophagus. That is where the burning sensation occurs when the acid comes right up to the throat. It can be very uncomfortable as well as painful. There are many OTC medicines that help get rid of the condition temporarily but to get rid of it permanently one has to get serious about their lifestyle. Eating spicy and oily food most of the times, skipping breakfast or meals, excessive smoking, obesity, etc. are some of the major causes of this condition.

The condition should not be ignored as it is very dangerous. The stomach acid that helps in metabolism and digestion needs to do its job in the stomach. But instead the acid is sent back to the esophagus which means it can be very damaging to inner lining of the esophagus. The acid consists of potassium chloride, hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride. The hydrochloric acid is a very strong acid which helps in breaking down the food into essential nutrients. It also helps protect the body by killing the bacteria that enters the Gastro Intestinal tract.

Some of the common causes of GERD are Esophageal spasms, hiatal hernia, gastroparesis, pregnancy, medications, diet and weight gain. The condition can vary from person to person. Some of the most common symptoms are chest pain, hoarse voice, bitter taste, coughing and dysphagia. Foods that trigger this condition are food rich in fat content, citrus fruits, spicy foods, garlic, onion, tomatoes, caffeine, alcohol, dairy products, chocolate, etc. The site suggests some simple home remedies such as ginger, raw cabbage juice, aloe vera, etc. The other best way is to follow an alkaline diet, drink carbonated water and take apple cider vinegar. The site also suggests certain medications which have proved to be very effective in treating the condition.

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Melasma also known as Chloasma is a very common skin condition that is mostly found in women. It is a condition wherein brown patches or slight skin discoloration can be found on the face. When women are pregnant they go through a variety of hormonal changes. This is one of the reasons why this condition occurs. It can also be seen in women who use contraceptive pills which again lead to hormonal changes in the body. The condition also occurs when women are exposed to too much sunlight. Usually the condition fades away after the pregnancy and after discontinuing the pills. The condition can usually be self-diagnosed. There is no need for lab tests or any other tests. A medical professional can help suggest different products. The skin lightening creams will do the trick in most of the cases. But there is no need to go for those expensive skin treatments.

One can prevent melasma by following simple tips. One must ensure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. They can wear hats when going out in the sun and prevent the UV rays from hitting the skin directly. Sunscreens also provide great relief and one must not go out of the house without applying a good sunscreen. Sunscreens should be applied at all times including the winters. People suffering from Melasma should avoid using harsh cosmetic or makeup products. These products are full of chemicals that can irritate the skin and can worsen the skin condition.

Patients need not panic and worry about this condition. In fact they have to remain calm and stress free and give the condition some time to get treated. Many dermatologists will suggest their patients to use chemical peels, laser removal and use of creams. These treatments aim at lightening the pigmentation and to tone the skin. But it all depends on the skin as to how well it responds to treatment. For some patients it might just take a few days and for others it might take months. Whatever the time may be, they should just make it a rule to follow a good skin care regime by using the best products and following home remedies as suggested in the site below.

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LowCostClub offers the most convenient way to book flight tickets as well as to find cheap flights from different cities to diverse destinations around the globe. Due to the fact that this ticket service has an access to the world databases of flights by the key airlines, including Lufthansa, United Airlines and American Airlines, you’ll be provided with the tickets, available at the most attractive prices, making use of LowCostClub.

We all know that the fastest, most secure, comfortable and reliable way to travel from one point of the world to another is to travel by plane. This is why there’re many people, who prefer travelling by plane, taking into account the undeniable benefits of this travelling method. The modern-day global network of airlines is quite impressive, connecting all the major cities, and so, allowing us flying almost to any part of the world.

Though flying a plane is one of the most popular travelling methods, airline tickets are still quite expensive and even unaffordable, especially if we need to buy a ticket for one of the next flights. Therefore, it’s better to acquire flight tickets in advance, while taking advantage of the best flight deals, enabling you to buy cheap flight tickets.

There’s no question that nowadays most of airtravelers prefer to buy cheap flights on the internet, visiting the websites of flight ticket providers. LowCostClub is one of those providers, which offer their customers the most convenient method to search for suitable flights in terms of date and price. The only thing you’re expected to do in order to get the right flight is just to introduce the city of departure and city of destination along with the depart and return dates. Doing this, you will be rendered the whole variety of options, available on the specified dates. In addition, you can use filters, while selecting the required period of departure along with the airlines and agencies.

Buying an e-ticket with LowCostClub is very simple and convenient, since after clicking the Book Now button, you’ll get flight reservation pages in order to fill them out and provide your personal details, which will be your actual ticket.

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Unblocked Games proposes a wide range of crazy games that could help you improve your overall mood and also will make you a little bit happier. If you are not a gamer, or a game lover, then it is the right time to try and to see how interesting is actually to play a game and to feel those crazy feelings while you are playing. The platform is actually produced for big gamers that have the huge problem of the inaccessibility of the games in the online world.

The website of Unblocked Games 76 is a very user-friendly platform that could be discovered by each and every person who is interested in their services. For the big purpose of making the process of choosing and plying games easier, the platform provides the totally free access to the whole set of the available games on their platform. You are able to filter the games by the many filters like hacked games, or pokemon games, and you also will be able to play them without limit. One more interesting feature of their website, you can even not register and make use of their services. One last feature, the many games can be played instantly right on the platform.

So many advantages are proposed by Unblocked Games. There is nothing better than knowing that you are able to play free each and every game you are willing. The big scope of the platform is to assure the access to the actual most popular game in the online world – Run 3. Now run 3 unblocked is what a huge part of the world’s population desires. If you are one of those crazy fans of the Run 3 game, then it is the right chance of yours to make use of their services and start to play online Run 3.

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Tapatak OZ is offering the one of a kind tap program that will teach you or your children how to tap dance like a pro within the very least amount of time possible.

One way or the other, we all have our hobbies – some people are enjoying reading books, others are more interested in watching motion pictures as well as TV shows. Still, there are those, who are more actively engaged into the process and are choosing something all the more refreshing indeed. For instance, more and more people these days are interested in learning the tap dance syllabus.

With that said, while the market these days is pretty much filled with all kinds of different tap dance program solutions, odds are, you are going to be of looking for the best tap dance program that will not let you down and will allow you and your children to really make the most from the program within the very least amount of time possible. Well, Tapatak OZ is offering the one of a kind opportunity to make the most from your needs and requirements and for the best prices out there. With years of experience in the given area, the industry’s best and most qualified experts are going to be doing their best to help you out and will make sure that you will get all the help you will need in order to learn how to tap dance properly. Furthermore, you are going to perform at the tap exams in order to get a certificate and you can turn your hobby into a career opportunity as well. The tap curriculum is being taught by the best people in the industry and they know exactly how to help you make the most from your hobby – quickly, effectively and without having to invest a small fortune into the process.

Unlike many other schools that are teaching that as well, the given one prides itself because of the fact that it chooses a very different approach and a very individualized one as well. Hence, if you are looking for the best option out there, this is the choice that you will want to make indeed.

About Tapatak OZ:

Tapatak OZ is offering you the one of a kind opportunity to really make the most from your tap dance needs and will teach you or your children how to tap dance quickly and for a fair price too.

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In its quest to bring Canadians the best automotive aftermarket online shopping experience and expand its market, TDot Performance is welcoming aboard some new performance parts-based brands. These brands include GEM Tubes, GReddy and Vibrant Performance. The new partnership allows TDot Performance to provide a wider array of automotive aftermarket parts to the Canadian automotive market.

“Our goal is to provide Canadian vehicle owners with all of the parts and accessories they need, without having to order from the United States," says Charith Perera, a co-founder and CEO of "As the Canadian market continues to grow, so do our product offerings. GEM Tubes, GReddy and Vibrant Performance are welcome additions to the TDot Performance lineup, as they are known for their quality performance parts."

GEM Tubes

GEM Tubes designs and manufactures show quality stainless steel and aluminum aftermarket tubes with flawless high quality, durable finishes. The brand has been supplying tubes to OEM manufacturers like GM and Toyota for more than two decades. The company’s tubes are well recognized for their superior quality and modern style.


GReddy is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality automotive performance products, including exhaust systems, turbo kits, cooling systems, electronics and other accessories. The company was founded four decades ago in Japan and has since then evolved its performance product lines for US spec, Euro Spec, and JDM vehicles.

Vibrant Performance

Vibrant Performance was established in 1997 in Canada. The brand manufactures high-quality performance aftermarket parts for Race Cars, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Sports Compact Vehicles, Trucks, and Motorcycles. Vibrant Performance is committed to continually improving their diverse product line to keep ahead of the evolving needs of the aftermarket industry and customers.

About TDot Performance

TDot Performance is the largest source of car performance parts in Canada. Because the company is based in Canada, customers are never charged with customs, duties or brokerage fees. TDot Performance is an authorized retailer for over 200,000 performance products and accessories from more than 250 world leading brands, including WeatherTech, Flowmaster, K&N, Magnaflow, Hidden Hitch, Bilstein, Energy Suspension and Pro Comp.

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Contact Person: Ishani Depillo
Phone: 1-800-276-7566
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada



Atlanta, GA – Many people these days know that pre-owned luxury cars Atlanta can bring a great value for their money. They also know that they should get the vehicle from an established dealer of pre-owned luxury cars. Now, irrespective of whichever country they belong to, they can place their order for one of the cars from the new luxury cars Atlanta and exotic car inventory offered by the Barrios Collection.

The company says “At the Barrios Collection, we understand that finding the perfect combination of quality and affordability can be difficult, so we have made it our goal to provide Atlanta and the surrounding areas with the best buying experience possible.” In addition to local delivery of the vehicles, they also offer worldwide delivery now.

The company started the journey as a small dealer of pre-owned cars, but now the company has developed their inventory such that they are able to deliver their vehicles to their customers across the globe. Luxury Cars Atlanta

Irrespective of whether a shopper looks for brands like BMW, Jaguar, Dodge, Chevrolet, Bentley, Porsche, Oldsmobile, Mercedes-Benz , Lexus, Land Rover or Jeep, this Georgia luxury cars dealer has it all. The Pre-owned cars in addition to saving on the cost of shopping will give the satisfaction to the buyer that the car has been serving the past owner/s in a satisfactory manner.

In addition to Carfax, the shopper will also be in a position to get Car Story from the Barrios collection for any Atlanta luxury cars they shop from this dealer.

About Barrioscollection:

The clear new lower pricing along with the images of the vehicle and transparency in technical specification makes the Barrioscollection, the ideal luxury car dealer to rely on for any individual planning to shop for pre-owned luxury cars.

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diaper plus logo (Horizontal) R

Taipei, Taiwan – Diaper + Marketing Manager, Kevin Wu, announced that the company will soon be launching an Indiegogo campaign for its unique new remote urine sensor for baby and adult diapers. The device identifies temperature changes rather than moisture levels to keep loved ones dry and prevent skin problems.

“New parents and those caring for elder relatives have enough problems,” said Wu. “Diaper + lets you know – clearly and accurately – when a diaper needs to be changed and does it unobtrusively.”

Diaper + seeks to raise $10,000 to fund the project. Safe and comfortable, Diaper + is a complete detection and monitoring system that senses changes in temperature to alert caregivers when a diaper has been soiled. Available in three colors, it’s comparable to the size of a quarter and batteries in the sensor last for four months with 24-hour use.

The unique sensor is placed on the outside of the diaper with double-sided adhesive tape to eliminate irritation to delicate skin. The device is about the size of a quarter and was specifically developed to be too large to be a choking hazard.

The Diaper + smart sensor connects wirelessly with a phone app via Bluetooth technology. The device utilizes a proprietary model that interprets data to immediately notify caregivers when a loved one’s diaper requires changing.

If a child or elderly relative is left in the care of another, the sensor can be linked to that of the caregiver and others via the app to receive every notification that the caregiver does to ensure loved ones are receiving the level of quality care they deserve.

The app includes a tracking system that records each time the individual urinates, when the diaper was checked, and when it was changed. It’s also an easy way for individuals to keep track of their diaper supply.

Checking a child’s diaper can be inconvenient and monitoring the diaper of an elderly adult robs them of their dignity. If they’re asleep, checking for wetness disturbs their slumber. Simply wearing a diaper represents a loss of self-esteem for adults. Rashes, cracked skin and infections are significant problems that the Diaper + system alleviates.

Currently available in English, traditional Chinese and simple Chinese, the Android app is on the market and the iOS app will be released in Dec. 2017 or Jan. 2018. Diaper + is safer and more effective than traditional monitors, providing a superior level of care that keeps loved ones dry and saves money by eliminating unnecessary diaper changes.

About Diaper+

Diaper+ is focused on simple, affordable and easy-to-use devices that make life happier, healthier, and more comfortable for diaper wearers, parents and caregivers. Diaper+ is the product of years of effort and research. It is a team effort, a collaborative project that draws upon the strengths of academia and industry in Taiwan. Taiwan’s National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, provided technical advice on human factor devices, Edwin Wu and EzTransducer Technology handled product R&D and app design, Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management assisted with algorithm construction, China University of Science and Technology contributed system integration services, Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology then provided clinical testing, and Kevin Wu and Ching Chun Technology were responsible for brand marketing.

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Company: Diaper +
Phone: +886-901012261
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