What started as a way for senior living residents to share positivity and uplift each other turned into the most wholesome message of gratitude and appreciation for the associates and residents at Emerald Court with smiling faces in every frame. The full video shared on the community’s Facebook page, Emerald Court residents provide their wisdom, holiday wishes, birthday plans, and favorite things that help get them through the day since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Residents thanked the Emerald Court “busy bees” for their friendliness, energy, support, singing and even how delicious their room-delivered meals have been. Here are some of our favorite quotes:

  • “We’re all in this together… everybody is giving, giving, giving, and it’s such a beautiful feeling. I’m glad to be in a place like this.”
  • “I have such love for all the people who come through that door.”
  • “It doesn’t go unnoticed to me what you guys do around here, so I’m just glad I can be here and not stuck somewhere else because I think it’s the best place in the county.”
  • “I’m going to share what I’m hoping the rest of you are feeling, and that’s that you can’t find a better place to live... I think the girls and guys that deliver our food are just angels… I want to say to the staff and Ben, you’re going a great job and we appreciate you.”
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