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August 11 was National Son and Daughter Day, and Emerald Court senior living community in Anaheim is celebrated by collecting favorite family photos from residents to create an entertaining slide show for their in-house CCTVs! Check out some of these photos above.

These photos come with sweet memories, such as the one titled “Youngs Then.” The Young family said that this photo was taken during a summer trip to Lake Mead. It was so hot that when they left their campsite to go swimming, a green apple someone left on the table had baked red! Even funnier, everyone has their clothes mixed up in this photo; the girls were in the boys’ clothes, everyone had their swim suits on, and the family laughed remembering that Zane (the dad and Emerald Court resident) is in a tiny little swimsuit with a button up shirt and his work boots on. The “Youngs Now” picture was taken at Zane’s 90th birthday party last year. Zane and his wife, Bobbie, also celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary at Emerald Court during the first couple weeks of the pandemic.

“As you can tell from the photos, the Youngs are just one of the many great families we get to see and interact with at Emerald Court,” says Patricia Gustin, executive director of Emerald Court. “Even though we can’t see residents’ families as often or in person right now, it’s wonderful to see residents and their family members sharing their favorite memories for the whole community to enjoy. It’ll provide great conversation starters for their neighbors later on, too!”

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