Car loans might get really persuasive at times and can be a bit of a burden to the car owners, due to their fluctuating financial condition. This unstable situation can lead to a bad credit record, which may arise from unemployment, post-divorce claim settlements, bankruptcy etc. The most popular option available to the car owners today, when a car loan starts to take its toll, is refinancing. If a car owner has a substantial debt on the credit record and still wishes to keep the car for a few more years at least then refinancing is the way to go.

A bad credit doesn’t help much while applying for a fresh car loan, as the interest rates usually soar high. Refinancing, on the other hand, allows the car owner to get a new loan from a lender or the bank, despite his bad credit statement, using which the car owner can pay off the actual loan. The lending institution usually takes the vehicle as a mortgage. The refinanced loan comes with a new contract between the bank and the car owner, subject to agreement upon terms like interest rate, duration, down payment amount set by the bank. There are several advantages in going through with a car loan refinance bad credit:

  • Lower down payment: A refinances auto loan bad credit can actually lower the down payment amount as the interest rate is low or the loan duration is much longer.
  • Interest rate: If a car owner is eligible for the refinance, the interest rate of the new loan is usually less compared to the primary loan. Therefore the car owner might as well benefit by paying a lesser total interest amount, in case the duration of the new loan is short.
  • Loan duration: A car owner benefits differently from a longer loan duration, as the period is longer the monthly down payment amount is small. It provides temporary financial relief but the downside to this situation, the car owner might end up paying a larger overall interest amount than normal. Whereas the shorter duration might crank up the monthly down payment amount but proves to be economical in the long run.

Application to the lender for the bad credit refinance auto loan must be well backed by the following documents-

  • Proof of address.
  • Information about the current employment.
  • Credit score.
  • Current auto loan details.
  • Vehicle details (VIN, mileage etc.)


The applicant, i.e. the car owner might consider several points before and after applying, e.g.

  • Reviewing the credit reports, where the current loan stands if there are any penalties which may arise from late monthly down payments.
  • Keeping track of the refinance. After the approval, the refinancing institute sends the payoff cheque either to the original lender or to the car owner. The refinance car loan bad credit is complete when the original lender gets the cheque.

The application process is completely free and mostly online. So, multiple applications can be submitted to different lending institutions for approval. Although a proper research is of utmost importance before applying, as all the lenders have different policies. A car owner must choose the lender that has favorable interest rates and application requirements. Click here to know more

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