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  • Design Concept

    Incorporating design elements that reflect the prominence of bamboo in this region, the structures within the scenic spot also showcase an intelligent blend of traditional aesthetics and modern architecture.
  • Project Highlights

    The overall architecture extracts the form of bamboo weaving as the design element, with a spatial structure that intertwines and changes, taking bamboo as the material for the exterior skin forming a circular volume, using 145,000 pieces of bamboo, each 3.5 meters long, and the bamboo surface area reaches 11,000 square meters. 36 species of bamboo have been planted in the scenic spot.
  • Scenic Spot Information

    Guizhou Dadong Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot is located in the southeastern part of Pan County, Guizhou. The construction was completed and put into operation on May 26, 2019, with a total construction area of 2,215.5 square meters. It is mainly composed of 26 natural and cultural landscapes including the Panzhou Dadong Ancient Human Cultural Site, ten thousand acres of bamboo sea, ten thousand acres of fir forest, Dusha in Daxingan 's 100-mile ridge, reservoir group, waterfall group, typical geological profile, ancient trees, bamboo root water, hot springs, forest farms, caves, natural bridges, lakes, temples, ancient bridges, ancient buildings, ancient post roads, ancient paper mills, and characteristic villages.
  • Bamboo Root Water

    formed by the bamboo sea, is natural soft water with extremely low hardness, formed in this region's special geographic conditions of the forest bamboo sea, containing trace elements of selenium and silicon.