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Drug Rehab Marketing Guide to Preventing Costly Mistakes

2020 drug rehab marketing and SEO guide for lead generation

Drug rehab marketing and SEO in 2020 will be a difficult proposition for addiction treatment center lead generation. Learn the costly common mistakes made when trying to produce treatment calls. From website development to poor back links you can improve your advertising efforts.

informational article on addiction treatment marketing provides the most comprehensive information on drug rehab marketing. The top resources are a must read for addiction treatment centers, opiate detox, sober homes, inpatient rehab and substance abuse IOP. The vital information covers marketing, marketing plans, drug rehab SEO, website development, search engine optimization, Google My Business, social media marketing, Google maps and much more.

Drug rehab marketing is a complicated process and involves many areas of expertise. Many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers across the US have a poor drug rehab marketing strategy or no strategy at all. The small to medium-sized drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers are relying on a “boots on the ground”, or a buy rehab leads strategy. Many recovery centers are closing, and the remaining drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers can’t get past a 50% census. We are seeing big players like Elements, Sovereign and Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches filing bankruptcy.

What are drug rehab marketing resources? 

Drug rehab marketing resources are solutions that save advertising dollars. In this red ocean of competition and addiction treatment centers closing, we are also seeing many new drug rehab centers popping up. Many are relying on Google AdWords and boots on the ground drug rehab lead generation strategies. These are the same marketing strategies used by the drug rehabilitation centers that have closed and filed for bankruptcy. Only the savvy recovery centers and educated on proven techniques and strategies will be able to keep their doors open in 2020. Getting familiar with strategies and putting together a healthy marketing mix will provide the tools to long-term lead generation.

Drug Rehab Marketing SEO Mistakes Checklist

40 of the biggest mistakes made with drug rehab marketing and SEO

Drug rehab marketing SEO mistakes checklist shows all the common mistakes made by addiction treatment centers. This is a complete guide to change and avoid costly errors in web marketing. Some are quick solutions while others will require certain professionals.

Almost all treatment centers are making the same critical mistakes with their web advertising efforts. As a CEO or Marketing Director you should be able to answer the following drug rehab marketing SEO questions;

  1. What keywords are we ranking for in the Google 3-pack?
  2. Do we understand Google analytics and how to use it to build our marketing campaign?
  3. What posts are producing the most calls from our call tracking metrics?
  4. Are you utilizing the World’s #1 business networking site LinkedIn (500 million members)?
  5. Do we understand how to maximize Facebook (2 billion members)?
  6. Is our website structurally correct?
  7. Is the hierarchy of our website good for Google?
  8. Are the URL’s for our website correct for SEO?
  9. Does our website have an SSL certificate?
  10. Do we have schema incorporated into our website?
  11. Are our Google maps properly coded and placed on our website?
  12. Does our website have a sitemap, and have we told Google it’s there?
  13. What is our list of keywords based on our organization’s services? And, out of those keywords which ones can, we easily rank for on the first page of Google?
  14. Do the main pages of our website have SEO for these keywords?
  15. Is our website fast enough on mobile for the new speed update released on July 9, 2018?
  16. What marketing company is performing our SEO and have we recently looked at their performance? Do we rank in the first three slots of Google organically for any of the keywords?
  17. How many calls are being produced by our marketing company?
  18. When was the last time we posted in our Google My Business?
  19. When was the last time we uploaded pictures in our Google My Business?
  20. Are we using Yoast to check the bare minimum for our SEO?
  21. Are our pictures on the website optimized?
  22. Do we have a blog?
  23. Does our blog have SEO for our keywords? If so, what are those keywords and how many of the blog posts have made it to page one of Google?
  24. Is our blog attracting and engaging for our target audience?
  25. How are we building quality back links?
  26. How many citations do we have?
  27. Do we have a staff page?
  28. Do we understand and use call tracking metrics?
  29. Are we doing Lunch and Learns at our center for EAP’s, Labor Unions, Interventionists, Private Clinicians and more…?
  30. Are we getting regular Google Reviews? If not, why?
  31. Are we using email marketing to professionals, individuals seeking treatment and our alumni? Are we emailing EAP’s, Labor Unions, Interventionists, Private Clinicians, Treatment Centers, Detoxes and more…?
  32. How many of our staff are involved in our social media marketing? And, what are the uniform messages we are using?
  33. Are we building a targeted and captured social media audience of professionals and individuals seeking treatment with our drug rehab marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn?
  34. Are you utilizing addiction treatment email marketing?
  35. Is our direct addiction professional, and individuals seeking treatment audience over 10,000?
  36. Are you driving 500-1000 targeted visitors (per article) to your blog posts?
  37. Do we understand and utilize your Google Analytics?

Top 5 Best Marketing Agency Solutions


When seeking a drug rehab marketing agency, it’s paramount to be educated on drug and alcohol addiction treatment center marketing best practices. It is equally important to understand the outpatient rehab and inpatient rehab strategies that work while implementing drug rehab marketing to avoid costly mistakes. The information below provides in-depth content and what to look for when searching and advertising agency.

  1. Best Drug Rehab Marketing ideas
  2. Where Can I Get the Best Drug Rehab Marketing Agency?
  3. National Drug Rehab Marketing Agency Generating Treatment Calls on Facebook
  4. #1 Article on drug rehab marketing agency explaining how they trick addiction treatment centers with their marketing techniques.
  5. In-Depth Drug Rehab Marketing strategies and information.

Top 10 Best Drug Rehab Marketing Articles and Resources

A list of the top 10 drug rehab marketing educational articles.

Business people group. Isolated over white background.

Drug rehab marketing requires being educated in SEO website development, on page SEO, and social media marketing. There are many steps for addiction treatment lead generation on the web. Not following critical area wastes a tremendous amount of an addiction treatment center marketing budget.

  1. Top 3 drug rehab marketing mistakes.
  2. Drug Rehab Marketing Understanding Digital Darwinism.
  3. Drug rehab marketing explained.
  4. LinkedIn #1 Drug Rehab Social Media Marketing Expert.
  5. Top 5 marketing Blogs.
  6. One of the most respected drug rehab marketing agencies in the US.
  7. Yelp Best Drug Rehab Marketing Agency.
  8. Best Drug Rehab Marketing Resource on Facebook.
  9. Drug Rehab Marketing and SEO podcast by Advanced Data Systems Corp
  10. Best Drug Rehab Marketing Agency Rated By Crunch base.

Top 3 Drug Rehabs in Florida Resources

The best drug rehabs in Florida and West Palm Beach are tricky to locate. When seeking addiction treatment centers there is valuable information you should know. there are critical areas to look for including; services offered, location, reputation of the recovery center and finding the best substance abuse IOP, and drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

Drug rehab marketing is needed for inpatient and out-patient opiate detoxification. Many suffering from prescription drug opiate addiction want to quickly get narcotics out of their system. There are solutions that offer a painless opiate detox without the use of addictive prescription pills. These options are available for all populations including pregnant women. Outpatient opiate detox can be done is as little as 5 days without pain using the bridge device. In some cases, there is no need for suboxone Doctors or suboxone clinics West Palm Beach FL.

  1. Drug Rehabs West Palm Beach Resources
  2. Best drug rehabs West Palm Beach 
  3. What to look for with the best drug rehabs West Palm Beach, Florida

Best Sober Homes West Palm Beach and Halfway Houses

Where are the best sober homes West Palm Beach Florida?

Drug rehab marketing regulations on substance abuse marketing are focused on sober homes in West Palm Beach. New laws as of July 1, 2017 are affecting alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers. Drug rehabilitation centers can no longer offer any incentives to entice addiction recovery clients. This has affected the best sober homes in South Florida. The sober homes are also attached to 12 step meetings including the best AA meetings in West Palm Beach.

Who Are the Best Drug Rehab Marketing Consultants?

Drug rehab marketing consultants play a critical role for the success of many drug rehabilitation recovery centers. Their business and marketing expertise provide pivotal intelligence and proven marketing plans and strategies saving addiction treatment center owners ten of thousands of dollars in a wasted marketing budget.

LinkedIn is a trusted source as a consultant. Madison Richards is one of LinkedIn’s most popular drug rehab marketing consultants. She provides in-depth information on substance abuse IOP marketing ideas and marketing strategies for addiction treatment.

Charles Davis is one of the most popular profiles for addiction recovery marketing. She has 5 years’ experience producing treatment calls and drug rehab lead generation. She provides drug rehab website development, SEO,  and social media. Her specialty is marketing inpatient rehab and addiction treatment.

Best Information for Addiction Conferences Educating on Marketing

addiction conferences educational resources for addiction treatment centers.

Addiction conferences provide vital information for substance abuse treatment centers on effective business and marketing strategies. Behavioral Health Network Resources is a leading addiction conferences providers. Their addiction conferences cover all aspects of the business of addiction treatment and provide valuable drug rehab marketing education to generate treatment calls.

Addiction Conferences video on how to prepare for addiction conferences and what you need to do at the addiction conference. Addiction conferences can have benefits for addiction treatment centers, detox’s, sober livings and ancillary service providers. As behavioral health industry professionals, we are experiencing moments of change and the need addiction conferences to educate on how to generate treatment calls. However, when attending mental health conferences there are several key areas to focus on to get much needed business and marketing tools.

Top 3 Drug Rehab Call Centers Information Guide

Drug rehab call centers that procure quality treatment calls have been under scrutiny for many years in the addiction recovery industry. This is a short-term solution to maintaining a healthy census for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers and drug rehabilitation centers. Understanding addiction treatment lead generation and drug rehab marketing is critical when seeking drug rehab call centers.

  1. This article explains the obstacles of producing treatment calls when seeking drug rehab leads.
  2. Best web article to read about on Drug Rehab Call Centers.
  3. Best LinkedIn article in Drug Rehab Call Centers being investigated by Congress.

Best Drug Rehab SEO Website Development

Drug rehab SEO website development is the biggest mistake made in addiction treatment lead generation. When starting your marketing plan for a rehab center this is the #1 mistake. Drug rehab website development is the foundation and must be put into place correctly in marketing strategies for rehabilitation.

Why is Substance Abuse Billing Important?

Drug rehab marketing issues have crossed over to substance abuse billing. Substance abuse billing has been named in laws suits from Anthem BCBS. Treatment center owners not only have to be educated on proper procedures, but they also need to investigate behavioral health providers to make sure they are not breaking the law. Drug rehabilitation centers owners need to have a clear understanding on the high receivables they have outstanding. This is greatly affecting their operating revenue.

Utilize Drug Rehab Marketing SEO Guide


Drug rehab SEO and drug rehab marketing increases clients. Drug rehab SEO doesn’t have to be that difficult. Gaining lead generation knowledge and search engine optimization techniques will save many centers time and money. From website development to SEO correcting these mistakes can reap addiction treatment clients.

Lead generation does not have to involve google AdWords or Legit Script certification. There are 63,000 searches on google every second. Being on page one is critical for the smaller rehabilitation centers. Use the techniques and strategies above and the treatment calls will start coming in.

Drug rehab marketing and drug rehab SEO specialist for lead generation using drug rehab SEO with addiction treatment centers. A buy rehab leads technique is not effective like it was a couple years ago. Rehabilitation centers need to learn updated web marketing strategies. Many needs drug rehab consultants to provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers website development, SEO, social media marketing and addiction conferences. They save substance abuse facilities $10,000's. This is why drug rehab marketing and drug rehab SEO resources are needed. What is Drug Rehab Marketing? Top 40 Resources 1. Drug Rehab SEO Marketing 2.. Drug Rehab Marketing Agency 3. Addiction Conferences 4. All About drug rehab SEO 5. Drug Rehab SEO Agency 6. Charles Davis Drug Rehab SEO Marketing 7. Drug Rehab Marketing SEO Strategies 8. Drug Rehab SEO 9. Drug Rehab Marketing Consultants 10. Drug rehab San Diego, California Addiction Treatment Options - 11. Inpatient Drug Rehabs San Diego 12. 13. Drug Rehab SEO 14. Best drug Rehabs San Diego, California 15. This best drug rehab marketing agency strategies provide input from the best drug rehab SEO marketing consultants, drug rehabilitation business and marketing specialists. It will also provide useful business and marketing strategies from national addiction conferences. It will have a concentration on drug rehab lead generation including drug rehab website development, drug rehab SEO and social media marketing; 16. Drug Rehab SEO 17. Drug Rehab Marketing 18. Drug Rehab Marketing 19. Drug Rehab Marketing 20. Drug Rehabs West Palm Beach 21. 22. Drug Rehab Marketing 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. Drug Rehab SEO 30. Drug rehab SEO 31. Catos Bridge Jupiter Florida Eels 32. Alcohol Detox San Diego 33. Alcohol detox San Diego In home Detox 34. in home alcohol detox San Diego 35. List of the Best Alcohol Detox San Diego Detox 36. In home Alcohol Detox Los Angeles 37. Drug Rehabs San Diego 38. Drug Rehabs San Diego 39. Inpatient Drug Rehabs San Diego 40. Drug Rehabs San Diego 41. Catos Bridge Jupiter Florida 42. Alcohol Detox San Diego 43. Alcohol Detox San Diego 44. Alcohol Detox San Diego 45. San Diego Drug Rehabs Near Me 46. Inpatient Drug Rehabs San Diego 47. Drug Rehabs Escondido 48. Drug Rehabs Temecula 49. Drug Rehabs Poway 50. Drug Rehabs Anaheim 51. IOP Drug Rehabs West Palm Beach 52. Drug Rehabs West Palm Beach 53. Outpatient Drug Rehabs West Palm Beach 54. IOP Drug Rehabs Fort Lauderdale 55. Drug Rehabs Fort Lauderdale 56. Drug Rehabs Port St Lucie 57. Drug Rehabs Miami 58. In home Alcohol Detox Los Angeles 59. IOP Drug Rehabs Los Angeles 60. Drug Rehab SEO 61. Drug Rehab SEO 62. Drug Rehab SEO Marketing 63. Drug Rehab SEO ttps:// 64. Drug Rehab SEO 65. Addiction Conferences 66. Addiction Conferences 67. Drug Rehab SEO 68. Drug Rehab SEO 69. Drug Rehab SEO 70. Drug Rehab SEO 71. Drug Rehab SEO 72. Drug Rehab SEO 73. Drug Rehab SEO 74. Drug Rehab SEO 75. Drug rehab SEO 76. Corys World Catos Bridge Jupiter Florida 77. Catos Bridge Jupiter Florida 78. Catos Bridge Jupiter Florida 79. Catos Bridge Jupiter Florida 80. Catos Bridge Jupiter Florida 81. Catos Bridge Jupiter Florida 82. Drug Rehab SEO 83. Drug Rehab SEO - Contact Charles at  
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